America’s Hemp Industry is under Attack by Congress!

Congressional agriculture bill will KILL hemp-derived THCs and smokable CBD flower!

American Hemp Growers is a national trade association formed to represent smokable flower producers; processors, manufacturers and distributors of hemp-derived THCs; mom-and-pop retailers, and consumers of these products. 

Will legitimately decimate our entire industry. We operate out of $10m clean labs using naturally extracted biomass.

Zack G. – Tallahassee, FL

Hemp Advancement Act of 2022 Threatens Industry’s Positive Momentum

American Hemp Growers opposes the Hemp Advancement Act of 2022 (HR 6645) in its current form, because it contains language that will end the hemp-derived THC and smokable flower markets in America.

Introduced in February by Maine Rep. Chellie Pingree, the Hemp Advancement Act of 2022 will prohibit the interstate commerce of cannabinoids which “are not naturally occurring in the plant Cannabis sativa L. or that are manufactured by means of chemical synthesis.” 

It will further walk back the current definition of hemp used by every retailer in America, by creating a new definition for consumer “hemp products,” which reduces the THC threshold from 0.3% delta-9 THC to 0.3% total THC. Total THC is the sum of all detectable THC isomers in a product.

Taken together, these two provisions will kill the hemp-derived THC market and cripple smokable flower nurseries nationwide. 

When dried, cured, and trimmed, almost all CBD flowers will be above 0.3% total THC. The risk across the board from farmer to consumer becomes incredibly high. 

I consume hemp flower to relieve my sciatica pain, and to help battle my eating disorder. Before hemp flower I couldn’t get out of bed for weeks at a time due to sciatica inflammation and pain. Now that I use hemp flower I’m able to hold a job and provide for my family.

Elizabeth F. – Beaumont, TX

What are the Chances the Hemp Advancement Act of 2022 becomes Law?

There is an extremely high chance this bill passes this year! It is most likely to be attached as an amendment to the 2023 Farm Bill (which is already being worked on), which is a routine budgetary measure congress adopts every 4-6 years. For the record, this is how hemp was decriminalized in 2018.

Because there was a glittering endorsement by about a dozen national hemp associations, with no apparent push-back, until now, we see significant momentum behind this bill. 

In simple words, it would completely destroy my business.

Odie J. – Hunstville, TX

Almost a Dozen National and State Associations have ENDORSED the Bans…

The following National groups have endorsed the Hemp Advancement Act as it’s written (bans and all):

  • U.S. Hemp Roundtable
  • U.S Hemp Authority
  • Hemp Industries Association
  • Americans for Safe Access
  • Friends of Hemp
  • Association of Western Hemp Professionals
  • American Herbal Products Association
  • US Hemp Building Association
  • Veterinary Cannabis Society
  • A number of state associations

We are Tennessee’s largest organic, luxury edible brand. This bill would destroy the lives of thousands of customers that walk through our door wanting an escape from harmful pills. This would greatly negatively impact my business and the lives of our staff.

John C. – Columbia, TN

Sign the Petition and Join the Fight Now!

Now’s the time to act! American Hemp Growers is prepared to take the fight to Congress!

First, sign the petition on this page to let Rep. Pingree and Congress know you do not agree with the current language of the Hemp Advancement Act of 2022. Signing will also keep you up to date as new developments unfold.

Can you provide a video testimonial? We are seeking video testimonials from anyone who will be negatively impacted by the Hemp Advancement Act of 2022. This includes:

  • Farmers who are invested in nurseries, greenhouses and indoor grow facilities for the production of smokable flower
  • Processors, manufacturers and distributors of hemp-derived THC and smokable flower products
  • Retailers who depend on hemp-derived THC and smokable flower sales for more than 50% of revenue.
  • Consumers who depend or use these products–especially for medical relief, like veterans, seniors, and cancer patients.
  • Anyone else who stands to lose financially or physically through lack of access.

Can’t do a video? No problem! Sign the petition and include written comments in the ‘testimonial’ field.

What is Our Proposal?

In summary, we propose the adoption of responsible regulations that would treat hemp-derived THC products as adult-use. Among those recommendations is that products only be sold to adults; are packaged in child-proof containers; and have more stringent labeling and testing guidelines to protect consumers from bad actors.

To address the smokable flower ban, we would like to see the 1% total THC definition proposed for “Hemp” to be changed to 1% delta-9+THCa (not including other THCs). Furthermore, we would like that 1% delta-9 + THCa definition extended into the proposed definition for finished hemp products (or to drop the proposal to define ‘finished products’ altogether).

We’re confident these proposals would benefit everyone in the industry, instead of just a small cross-section of the industry.

Sign the Petition and tell Congress to BACK OFF CBD flower and Hemp-Derived THC!

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