Community Auctions Easel Program to benefit American Hemp Growers Super PAC

The American Hemp Growers Super PAC is teaming up with Community Auctions to raise funds for its work to stop a proposed federal ban on hemp-derived THC, like delta-8 and HHC, and smokable CBD flower.

Community Auctions is an Arkansas-based businesses that specializes in setting up public auctions of sports, music, and celebrity memorabilia. At no cost, your retail location can host one of these auction easels in your store to help raise money for the American Hemp Growers Super PAC.

The American Hemp Growers Super PAC is the only political action committee committed to stopping a proposed ban on hemp-derived THC and smokable flower written into the Hemp Advancement Act of 2022.

American Hemp Grower Super PAC receives 25% of the proceeds from each auction, allowing us to fund activities that move us closer to our goal. We need funds to:

  • Send representation to Washington DC and have a presence with legislators, like those groups that do have a presence and are trying to shut down the industry. (ie US Hemp Roundtable)
  • Raise awareness to the bill via advertisement and outreach within the hemp community.
  • Outreach to legislators via targeted calls, letters and visits to local congressional offices
  • Draft language for an adult-use hemp-derived THC option to present as an option
  • Increase exposure to our petition
  • fund advertisements exposing politicians and associations that are trying to harm the industry, if they proceed with the ban.

Community Auctions approached American Hemp Growers about helping with this cause. They have a track record of helping other groups raise money using their signature easel program. We have authorized Community Auctions to contact and represent the AHG Super PAC in their program.

American Hemp Growers does not administer the auction program at all, we only receive a 25% charitable contribution back to the PAC. Customer and retailers questions related to the auction program should be directed to Community Auctions.

If you have questions about Community Auctions and their program, please visit their website at or contact them. If you have any other questions about American Hemp Growers, please contact us.